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Sea jobs for freshers: Gero's experience as an Ordinary Seaman

Sea jobs for freshers: breaking the vicious circle

Raise your hand if you know the feeling: you’ve just graduated from a maritime school. You’ve got all the necessary certificates. You’re eager to go onboard. You start browsing vacancies. All job offers require years of experience. Wait, but where are all sea jobs for freshers?


Maritime recruitment is not working today

Why traditional maritime recruitment is not working

There are close to 90,000 ships sailing the global seas. These ships are operated by the world’s 1,647,500 seafarers. Maritime recruitment is what brings those two sides together. However, ship crewing is done extremely inefficiently today.

Finding a single crew member can take up to 10 hours of work. Here’s how it’s done right now.


Marine innovation driven by tech startups

Marine innovation driven by tech startups

There’s a lot going on in the maritime industry in terms of marine innovation. Big companies and the academia are working hard to bring more efficiency into the field. Besides them, a third player is entering the scene and it’s a force to be reckoned with: startups.


Indian ship statistics

Infographic: Indian ship statistics

India is one countries in the world with the most seagoing experience. We dived into the maritime industry data to find out more about the Indian ship statistics. And we came up with a pretty nifty infographic.


Indian seafarers welcomed by global and Indian shipping companies

Shipping companies in India and beyond welcome Indian mariners

India provides about 5% of all global seafarers. There are good reasons why shipping companies in India and the world prefer Indian seafarers. Let’s take a look at three major benefits of hiring Indian mariners. Also, let’s see what’s the one thing in the Indian maritime industry in need of improvement.READ MORE

Pinoy seamen infographic

Epic infographic: Pinoy seamen with global jobs at sea

We’ve created a Pinoy seaman infographic that gives an overview of the current trends on the global maritime job market. Close to 2,5 million Filipinos work overseas. Every fifth has a job at sea. Find out the most popular destination countries, ship types, sea job ranks and categories among Pinoy seamen.